2014 SEC Championships – Jill Rushin

Junior Camille Hayes offers a glimpse of the exciting women’s shot put competition from day three of the SEC Championships in Lexington, Ky. Continue reading


On the Road with Hayden Legg

We left for the Regional Championship race at 6 pm on Wednesday (after I had enjoyed some delicious Gumby’s pizza like I always do on Wednesdays). It wasn’t a super long trip up to Ames (at least it seemed like it after traveling all the way to Florida for SEC’s two weeks before). The bus ride up wasn’t super eventful, as it mainly consisted of studying for a test I was going to have to take on the bus ride home as well as watching the movie “Step Up”. Continue reading

On the Road with Liz Reida

As everyone was situating themselves in their seats, a burly man sauntered up the steps of the bus and announced, “Hi, I’m Kyle.  We’ve done this before (he was our driver the previous meet).  The bathroom’s in the back.  It’s kind of like an outhouse, it doesn’t flush”.  The eighteen well-hydrated runners groaned at the bathroom situation, and with no further ado, Kyle took his place in the driver’s seat.  The bus lurched to a start, and so began our 2013 Regionals trip. Continue reading

On the Road with Ali Ross


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On Friday, September 6th the cross country team set off for Fayetteville, Arkansas, for our first meet of the season.  Traveling for this meet was unusual in that we made the trip down and back in the same day as the race, when we would typically travel to the course a day or two in advance.  We also approached this meet as more of a rust-buster than anything else.  I was pretty relaxed all day, thinking of the race as more of a workout, and spent the majority of the bus ride reading and doing homework. Continue reading

On the Road with Tyler Schneider

Our first meet this year was a small, three team race between us, Southern Missouri, and the host University of Arkansas. Typically, we arrive a day or two ahead of time and stay overnight in order to get comfortable and acclimated before a big race, but today we took a day trip. Five hours on the bus to Arkansas isn’t an ideal situation before an important race, but we approached today differently than most meets in that we used it more as a workout-type effort than a full race effort, similar to a preseason game in football. We went in with the understanding that we have a long way to go, and that this race would just be a stepping stone to prepare ourselves for bigger races down the road.

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